R&R Massage

Alexandra Rodriguez

I have been a massage therapist for 7 years, graduating from Everest College Vancouver in 2013.  As a massage therapist I have worked alongside Chiropractors in the Vancouver area giving me experience treating patients with injuries from repetitive motion to patients with injuries from car accidents.  Though I like to incorporate an element of relaxation into every treatment, I love working on specific conditions, whether it be headaches, a sports injury, pregnancy, knee pain, or any kind of postural imbalance that leads to discomfort or pain.

When I first started training as a massage therapist, my preconception of massage was that it was relaxing and pleasant for the client but I had no idea of the profound, beneficial physiological effects massage could have. When I began to discover what massage could do, both in relaxation and in treating specific problems, I was fascinated.

My practice is evolving as I continue to study the body and its response to all varieties of stress and trauma. The wonderful thing about massage is that it not only works on a physical/physiological level but also creates a calm, safe space for thoughts and emotions to surface and process, benefitting the whole being.  Through remedial treatments I am able to help and support my clients to maintain or return to an active life with increased mobility and reduced pain. Through therapeutic treatments my clients can indulge in blissful relaxation with this wonderful treat!